Dr. Glazer is is dedicated to providing her patients with the most beautiful smile together with the best dental protection available.

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Dentistry was not a predictable future for Dr. Glazer; she earned her BS in mathematics at Union College and started to have second thoughts about her career path even before graduating. Melissa wanted to utilize her keen attention to detail, artistic talents, and passion for interpersonal relationships. A career that could combine these for her seemed ideal, and dentistry was it!

Dr. Glazer earned her DDS degree from New York University College of Density and moved to Los Angeles to be with her husband. Working as a general dentist at Dr. Jay Grossman and Associates aka Concierge dentistry, Dr G takes great pride in helping create beautiful, healthy smiles. She specializes in crowns such as veneers, in-lays and on-lays, implant crowns, composite fillings/bonding, and Invisalign.

A self-described perfectionist, Dr. Glazer is committed to her patients’ complete satisfaction. She and her patients work together toward a common goal that is established before treatment begins and encourages them to ask questions the whole way through. An example of what Dr. Glazer sees as a success? Knowing that she helped bring her patients’ oral health to its best possible state and then seeing those patients happily commit to their routine recall appointments (aka general check-up/exam and cleaning).Dr. G advocates for preventative care and is conservative whenever possible as long as it doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of the teeth, saving as much “healthy stuff” as she can. Dr. Glazer is also committed to optimal patient comfort. She tries to be very sensitive to patients’ dental anxiety and offer different methods of managing this at the office.As a mother of two, Melissa understands how important it is to trust the people who look after your family’s health. She prides herself in beingtrustworthy and honest, characteristics that are highly valued, particularly in this industry. Melissa enjoys spending her spare time with family and friends … she’s not afraid to have a good time and hopes this translates to her patients sitting chairside!

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